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Sexual Benefits

vaginal health

   The ancient and wise Chinese civilization regarded the sexual organs as the center of health.  The over 2000 year old practice of using polished jade eggs to exercise the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles was the Empress’ own secret to living a youthful and long life.  Some experts are able to lift up to 25 pounds with their vaginal and pelvic muscles, after thorough training with the eggs in their various sizes and weights. 

   We are now learning to incorporate the wisdom within other cultures, and opening ourselves to learning the best practices from around the world.  The ancient and advanced Chinese civilization has offered us many treasures, to name only a few, acupuncture, the martial arts, feng shui and the enlightened philosophy of Taoism.  

    The well-guarded and esteemed technique of vaginal exercises with jade eggs was taught only to the most privileged women of the royal courts of the ancient Chinese empire.  We are lucky to live in times such as these when even the most beneficial practices of the elite long ago, are openly practicable by us today, in the comfort of our own homes.

The Jade Eggs may well be the Chinese secret to eternal youthfulness… 


   Women who practiced these esteemed techniques experienced very good physical health, with their sexual organs as resilient as those of a young woman, able to live long and tonic lives, virtually free of the troubles of aging.  
Training with the Jade Eggs rejuvenates the sexual organs, heals stretching by tightening the vagina, while helping recovery of damaged nerves from natural childbirth.   
    Increased blood flow encourages the natural flow of essential hormones, contributing to prolonged youthfulness and younger skin tone. 
Originally, exercise with the Jade Eggs were created to improve a woman’s personal health both physically and spiritually, since the exercises concentrate on the area of the body believed to contain the creation energy or Chi
    The process was thought to lift the sexual energy inward and upward where it would be transformed into higher spiritual energy thus improving a woman's overall well-being and happiness.

     Through gaining proficiency in moving one precious egg, women are eventually able to lift weights, or manipulate two eggs in different directions to create an exciting vibration within the internal organs.  Virtuosity over these essential muscles yields enhancement of sexual pleasure for you and your partner.  Your partner can help you practice, which can lead to more satisfying intimacy.  

A thorough exercise routine with the Jade Eggs teaches you control over the urogenital organs, rejuvenates and maintains the vagina for a long vigorous life, and greatly enhances the healthy pleasure of lovemaking






Jade Eggs Exercise

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