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If you are suffering from incontinence, donít think you are alone.
Incontinence problems are experienced by 25 million women in the US.
-Exercising your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles is a proven, simple, and natural way of preventing and curing incontinence  in 93% of all women. Strengthening the vaginal and pelvic muscles using a resistance instrument comes with multiple health benefits.

-These start with self-control over the vaginal muscles, healthy genital tone, and rejuvenation of vaginal sensitivity. 
The Jade Eggs Exercises, a remarkable tool offers training and isolation of the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles to encourage fast healing and overall improvement in your health and well-being.






Strong vaginal and pelvic floor muscles are essential to an easier childbirth experience and full recovery. Mothers who have experienced multiple birth will feel the greatest difference, as they regain vaginal tightness and sensitivity .

Exercise is for anybody and everybody, at ALL AGES.  
It is never too early or too late to train yourself and improve your sexual health.

Jade Eggs Exercise

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