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Incontinence : Kegel Exercises


   If you have chosen to resolve your problem naturally, you will be happy to know that you have taken a step towards healing your body that will be felt throughout your life. 
Exercising the vaginal muscles is a tried and provenly effective technique.  In the 1940s, Dr. Arnold Kegel discovered that exercising the vaginal and pelvic floor with the use of a biofeedback instrument, cures incontinence in 93% of all women.  CURE, that is a profound word that means no easy fix, but a lasting, whole restoration of healthy function. It is the ONLY ‘option’ that even addresses the source of incontinence, which is weakened vaginal and pelvic floor muscles, and in worse cases, nerve damage. Kegel Exercises

   The two major kinds of incontinence are “stress” and “urge” incontinence, which are caused by pressure on weakened vaginal and pelvic floor muscles.  An exertion such as sneezing, coughing, or laughing, or exercise such as aerobics and walking can cause a little leak when the weakened muscle is unable to seal the urethra.  Incontinence is not an inevitable consequence of aging though lack of activity, and stretching from childbirth contribute to flaccid, poorly toned genital organs.  Doctors today advise effective exercise as the least invasive and least expensive option for curing and preventing incontinence.  The vaginal and lower pelvic floor muscles can be improved through a few effective techniques.  When strong, the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles are firm and elastic, performing their functions without difficulty.

vagina and pelvic floor muscles

Dr. Arnold Kegel discovered that exercising the vaginal and pelvic floor with the use of a biofeedback instrument, cures incontinence in 93% of all women

   Luckily, the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles respond well to easy, short exercise sessions with the proper tool, to isolate the muscles and offer resistance.  This is NOT an exhausting aerobic exertion!  Exercising is for every woman at any age.  It is relaxing and enjoyable and can be done at your own natural rhythm.  Just experimenting with the Jade Eggs, a well designed exercise instrument, in the way that you feel comfortable a few minutes every other day will yield high results.  The difference will be felt.

   Please don’t think you must compromise your quality of life to accommodate incontinence.  There are solutions that work.  You can help to improve or eliminate your condition and expand well-being to multiple areas of your life.

   Take a step towards well-being, and take your life into your own hands by helping your body heal naturally. This is no easy fix, but once it becomes a part of your lifestyle, you will feel the rewards on a much deeper and more satisfying level than otherwise.  Even after just one exercise session with the  Jade Eggs, finely polished tools which maintain the purest hygienic standards, you will feel the difference that marks the beginning of the restoration of your vaginal health!




Jade Eggs Exercise

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