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heal and prevent incontinence


Over 20 million women suffer from incontinence problems in the US alone.
This includes women of ALL ages and lifestyles.  Incontinence is NOT a normal response to aging, and can be effectively healed and prevented.

   The International Conference for the Prevention of Incontinence lists the available options for women with incontinence: surgery, prescription drugs, adult diapers, or behavioral therapy including exercise of the vaginal and lower pelvic floor muscles.
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   Exercise with the proper tool is a must for anyone looking for a natural, healthy way to effectively eliminate and prevent incontinence.  The 93% cure rate documented by Dr. Arnold Kegel, the OB-GYN who coined Kegel exercises, proved conclusively that exercising with a tool to isolate the vaginal and pelvic floor  (pubococcygeus or pc) muscles and offer biofeedback and weight resistance, is an effective and non-invasive way of curing and preventing incontinence,  which includes multiple health benefits.
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natural way of curing and preventing incontinence, and comes with multiple health benefits

   Luckily the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles respond well to short, effective exercise.  It is imperative to use a device for exercising since most women without a tool tend to exercise incorrectly and counter-effectively.  The Jade Eggs glide easily into the vaginal diaphragm to help you isolate the appropriate muscles and exercise with maximal efficacy.  The eggs are can be boiled or rinsed with water to provide non-invasive feminine hygienic standards.   
   They take on your body temperature immediately to provide the most comfortable, pleasing practice conditions, in addition to being beautiful as objects in themselves.  
will greatly improve and heal the health of the vaginal and pelvic floor musculature, and are easy for any woman to perform when done with the right instrument.

   Benefits of strengthening the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles are especially important for women who will or have experienced childbirth.  Women planning to give birth will be happy to know that the elasticity in a strong vaginal muscle will assist an easy childbirth experience, and encourage full recovery.  The greatest difference will be felt in women who have experienced multiple childbirth, stretching or nerve damage, when exercise leads to greatly improved genital control, vaginal tightness, and rejuvenated sensation.  These improvements will also contribute to the increased pleasure of intimacy for both you and your partner!  Proper exercise increases blood flow, contributing  to youthful skintone and delayed aging, and heals and prevents post-pregnancy problems from weakened muscles, which include incontinence and prolapsed uterus. 
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Jade Eggs isolate the appropriate muscles, while offering resistance and feedback.

   Specially designed Jade Eggs offer you a hygienic and non-invasive exercise tool allowing you to monitor your improvement and directly observe your progress.  We suggest 5-10 minutes of exercise every other day to feel immediate results.  Exercises are  easy to learn, and are not strenuous-- they are relaxing and for any woman at any age.  You always go at your own pace.   Techniques  described in the owner's guide lead you to learning control over the essential muscles step-by-step.  The exercises can  even be done around the house while you perform daily activities.     

  You may chose to try vaginal weightlifting with the pre-drilled eggs  by adding gradual amounts of weight at a time for a practice that invigorates the urogenital and pelvic diaphragms, the support system for the vital and sexual organs of the body.  

   Or just experimenting with the eggs in the way that you feel comfortable will automatically train you in the virtuosity of vaginal-genital control which contributes to your life and well-being in countless ways.

   Take a step towards controlling your own destiny.  You don't need to compromise your life any longer!





Jade Eggs Exercise

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