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Recovery and self confidence


   Many women are shy even to consult their gynecologists about incontinence, though it is a widely experienced problem with available treatment.  The Human Services Agency for Health Care Policy Research recommends  pelvic floor exercise as the least invasive and least expensive method to cure incontinence.  The vaginal and lower pelvic floor muscles must be trained to heal, improve and maintain their health.  Fitness of the sexual organs is of central importance to a woman's health, happiness and well-being.  

    Exercising with the Jade Eggs, a perfectly crafted tool to help isolate the appropriate muscles, has multiple health benefits that will improve all aspects of your life, starting with renewed or enhanced vaginal health that eliminates incontinence, bringing you self-confidence, and a positive body image that also leads to improved intimacy. 

   A new level of health, well being and confidence will be yours.

Fitness of the sexual organs is of central importance to a woman's health, happiness and confidence in her abilities

    You can play an active role in curing your incontinence through natural means.  You will experience  a new level of freedom in your activities, relief from embarassment in the social realm, and empower yourself by helping your body heal itself.  You can play tennis, travel, and make love without worry.  
Women preparing for or recovering from childbirth will feel confidence that the good state of her sexual organs will ensure the easiest experience and maximum recovery possible, and prevent debilitating post-pregnancy problems.  

Control over the vaginal muscles will also increase pleasure and intimacy of sex for you and your partner.      


Using the Jade Eggs even for just a few  minutes a week, are easy to do while performing other home activities, and will quickly teach you self-control of  your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles while strengthening numerous involuntary muscles essential to supporting the sexual and vital organs.


   Those of you who are seeking to enhance your overall health, well-being, and improve your sexual life will experience self- learning and empowerment through training with the Jade Eggs.

    Stronger vaginal muscles will lead to increased confidence in your own sexuality, enhancing the desire for lovemaking and the excitement of arousal for you and your partner.    

 Stronger vaginal muscles will lead to increased confidence in your own sexuality

   You may even experience multiple vaginal orgasms for the first time. 

    When you begin training your vaginal muscles through manipulation of the Jade Eggs, it will not be long before you have acquired  the confidence and knowledge that you have mastery of the art of lovemaking.    



Jade Eggs Exercise

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