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    We appreciate feedback from our customers about their experiences with the Jade Eggs.  We always respect your wish to remain anonymous when you state it.  
   We are thankful to all of our customers who have written us letters, and allowed us to use their testimonials so that you may enjoy and learn from their experiences.
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I am a woman who suffered (past tense) from incontinence. Before using your precious Jade Eggs, I had lost my control as well as my self-confidence; I thought there was no hope for me. A friend told me of your product and how to get it. I admit I was a bit skeptical, until I held the egg in my hand. Then I began to understand how this beautiful Jade egg would change my life forever. For the first time after using the mid-sized Jade Egg, I gained some control back. I was actually able to stop the flow of urine when I wanted to. I hadn't been able to do that in years. I was so pleased I have been telling other women about the Jade eggs and their history. Now they are part of mine. I use the eggs three times a week and never think about what used to be a great concern to me. Thank you for sharing this ancient secret, and making it available to me. Anonymous

After the birth of our second child I fell down on the lovemaking part of my marriage.

My husband sent me a few barbs about the broad, the garage… and the extra weight. Since I have been doing jade eggs exercises I heard him say “ firm hand shake’

You have no idea how much better I feel about myself. Tracy, Texas

I love to run, but at one point, whenever I drank water before a run, the only place I managed to run was to a bathroom. (If I could find one) No matter what I tried, it never seemed to work. I knew I couldn't risk running without adequate hydration. I tried doing Kegels, but they never worked for me. I thought my running days were over. When I discovered your product on the Internet, I thought it was too good to be true. Now after two weeks, I am happy beyond belief! Running is now part of my future and not a thing I used to love to do. I won’t even begin to say what they have done for my sex life. Thank you, it’s like you heard my prayers. F.T., Tennessee

I’m in my late sixties, mother of five children and for the past 10 years or so have had progressively increasing incontinence. At one time, I could not leave the house without some bulky and embarrassing protection. I was talking with my sister and she told me of your product. When it arrived, I was amazed that something so beautiful and simple could help me with my problem. Well, help me it did. After using the Jade egg for three weeks, I no longer have a problem. I use it before bed for about five to ten minutes about three times a week and now I can even sneeze without fear of embarrassment. Thank you for giving me back my freedom. Anonymous., Kentucky

After the birth of my third child, I began to have problems holding my urine. Imagine trying to deal with three young children and incontinence. Not a desired outcome, I assure you. I went to seek medical help and all they could recommend was surgery. My mother has had three surgeries and none of them lasted. I thought that there had to be a better way. I started searching the web and found some pretty wild contraptions out there. When I found your site, it felt refreshing, and not like a come on like the others. I am glad that I trusted myself and sought an answer to my dilemma that suited me. My last check up gave me a much-improved Dr.’s opinion. He said I no longer was a candidate for surgery, and only after a few months. I’m no longer worried about having to have surgery. We’re even considering having another child. My mom has started using her egg and is also pleased she won’t have to have another surgery. Our thanks to you for providing a healthy alternative, that will last a life time! W.R. , Wisconsin

My husband gave me The Empress as a gift. Ever since the birth of our daughter, I have had a problem with incontinence. The Dr.’s all said the same thing, " Do Kegels." What lame advice. I Kegeled night and day and did not have any improvement. I thought it was hopeless, and our sex life was in terrible shape. Then my husband came home with this great smile on his face with this beautiful present. One of his friends had told him about it and the second honeymoon that he and his wife were enjoying. What did I have to loose? The rest is history. My worst fears and challenge have been solved, Thanks to your Jade Eggs. In addition, to think that it was men talking that helped me out. There is hope! 

S.T Vancouver






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